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I’m so happy that you are here! This must mean you are ready to reclaim your birthright to be your happiest, healthiest you.

My name is Emilia Eriksson and I’m your health coach. I will guide you through a journey where we will unlock the truths about what’s holding you back from being in your fullest power and uncover the hidden answers you carry within. On this journey you will be empowered to take charge of your health, your life and your vitality again.

Are you ready?

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Your health is in your hands


Through the years of my journey I have been struggling with eating disorders, stomach issues, candida yeast overgrowth, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, acne, inflammation and indigestion.

I went from doctor to doctor and found no cure. 

I finally decided to take my health in my own hands and set out on a journey to heal myself.
Mine has been a long one, but the good news is, yours doesn't have to be. 

My journey has allowed me to to learn as much as I possibly could about nutrition and health, so that I now can help you.

An astrologist once told me: “Your mission in life is to heal yourself so that you can help others heal themselves too”.
That is truly a mission I have taken on.

I have studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become certified as a health coach and I have deepened my studies further to specialize in gut health, as I believe all disease starts in the gut.

We are made out of 90% microbial cells and only 10% human cells. 

When our flora gets out of balance, this affects our energy, mood, thoughts and cravings.

80% of our immune system resides in the gut, directly linking most disease to inflammation and imbalances in the gut flora.

Our food can be our poison or our medicine.
Everything we put in our body becomes fuel and building blocks to our cells. 

We truly do become what we eat.
But food alone is not enough if one wants to recover their health.

We are creatures made out of energy and nourishing our emotional world is just as important as nourishing ourselves through the nutrition we put on our plate. 

Having a vision with goals and aligned action steps that you can check in with, will keep you moving in the right direction.

Along my journey I have inspired and guided many to improve their nutrition, lifestyle and health.

I am finally healing and have regained my energy and vitality by setting a vision, removing toxins and bringing in nourishing foods, habits, people, activities and thoughts into my life.

Now I am ready to help you do the same.

Whether you are looking to heal a health ailment or you want to learn more about how to detoxify your body, boost your energy levels, reach new fitness goals, nourish yourself and prevent disease, I am here for you and looking forward to guide you.

It all starts with a decision. 


I'm ready! I choose me!



What is a health coach?

As your health coach I offer you support, guidance and accountability. 

I hold a safe space for you to share your struggles as well as your success in your health and personal life.

Everything we talk about in our sessions is confidential.

I will hold your hand through the hard times and cheer you on in your success. 

Meanwhile, I am not afraid to ask you the right questions to help you uncover the hidden answers you have within.


How does it work?

We will set up a weekly 1h call where we will discuss what's new and good, as well as any challenges that may have shown up during the week.

We will create a vision with obtainable goals and week to week action steps that will help you stay focused and on track.


Benefits of working with a coach

Having someone to check in with, who reminds you of your vision, helps you realign when you feel like you are losing track, and keeps you accountable for your word, can be extremely helpful in bringing you success when embarking on a new health journey.

My experience and education has given me a huge bank of information, which will save you lots of time, researching the net for answers, while leaving you with more time for the things that will make you happy and nourish your soul.





Food can be ones poison or ones medicine. 

I work with my clients to find healthy ways to feed cravings in order to feel satisfied, nourished and vibrant.
We remove triggers that disturb digestion and add in healing foods and supplements that will help you thrive.



I hold the vision that each person is unique in their own constitution, therefor we all have unique nutritional needs.
Together we will tailor make a nutritional plan most suited to your needs and goals.


Relationship to self


Everything you experience in your life is a mirror of your relationship to self. When you love yourself and show up for yourself fully, others will do the same. From that place it will be easy to choose loving relationships, nourishing nutrition and a fulfilling career, because that is simply what you deserve.

Personal relationships


Some relationships, such as our family, are given to us at birth. Others are chosen along the journey of life. Being aware of who we surround ourselves with is a crucial part of taking good care of our health. Are you currently nourishing the relationships in your life, and do you feel that they nourish you?



Most people spend the majority of their days working. This means, most of their energy will be spent at work. 

Having a job you feel passionate about, which is fulfilling and exciting will make a huge difference to your health, compared to one where you are counting the hours for your day to be over.



Whether you are an athlete, or spending most of your days sitting, incorporating a fitness routine into your life can bring huge benefits to your health. 

Getting started can sometimes feel like a drag, but once you get a hang of it, you will notice your energy levels and vitality rise.

Spirit & Mindset


Your mind and spirit guide you through the journey of life. 

What your thoughts are focused on, is what you will attract more of. 

Feeling at peace in mind and trust in that you are connected to something bigger, will help you attract and call in the things your heart and soul most need and desire.

Life Purpose


Each one of us have come to this world with our own unique gifts. 

Your life purpose is not something you need to figure out. It is who you are. When you are the best version of you and give back to the world by sharing that, you are living your life purpose.

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Emilia Eriksson

In The Glow


My Story

We all have a story. Each is unique. Yet often the same. This is mine. And maybe yours too.

My passion for health started when I was a teenager, around the time that I got into puberty.
My skin that used to be as smooth as a baby’s butt was all of the sudden breaking out in acne. I was feeling low self esteem and I wanted to get a deeper understanding for why this was happening.
I started reading up on all the information I could find about the functions of the skin. I even went on to study cosmetics for three years, which got me a job, traveling around Sweden speaking for some of the major cosmetic brands on the market.

One day when I was watching the Opera show, Dr. Nicolas Perricone, an American celebrity doctor was on. He was speaking about a diet that would make people look 10 years younger. The most remarkable part about this diet, was the “healthy glow” his clients obtained to their skin.
This was and AHA moment for me, as I now realized the connection between what you put INSIDE your body and what shows on the OUTSIDE.
Dr. Perricone paraded people with remarkable results from following his program for only 28 days.
I was amazed, and immediately ran to the book store to get his book where I would have all the instructions to this magical diet plan.
I went on the program religiously for a month. No sugar, not even sweet fruits. I was so strict and so precise with the timings of having food and snacks, that it started to become obsessive.
I created a workout routine for myself that was followed non excusably 5 days a week.
Every meal I had was carefully measured according to another food specialist’s recommendations I had seen on tv. I couldn’t see what was happening at the time, but eventually I had created so many rules and restrictions for myself that I also had created an eating disorder: Orthorexia - Obsession with being healthy.  
I was completely unaware of that I was having a problem, until I hit the turning point: A heartbreak. The man I was in love with wanted to be with someone else.
Being a woman who always “keeps it together”, I shut down, swept it under the carpet and went on about life.
Eventually Valentines arrived and I thought to myself “It’s Valentine’s and I’m single. I’m gonna make myself a nice little treat today”. Whole grain waffles with mashed banana, cacao and honey was the start of 3 months of binge eating. Making up for all the carbs I had missed out on. I was dying inside because I could see how I ruined all the amazing results I had obtained with my body in the past months. But I couldn’t stop thinking about food. Not until I finally met someone and fell in love again. That was my saving.
We moved in together early.
I managed to find balance in my nutrition again and get back to a normal life. I couldn’t go back to the gym for years, because my thinking around nutrition and workouts was still that it had to be “All or nothing”, and I didn’t wanna risk falling back into my previous patterns. Instead I created a more healthy, balanced and relaxed way of eating, without too many restrictions.

I remained interested in health and nutrition, meanwhile pursuing my career in cosmetics.

When my relationship eventually came to an end, I decided to leave Sweden. I had always wanted to travel and now was the time. The only thing that made me hesitate, was my job. My boss gave me the final push to freedom: “You are young. Go! I will give you your job back anytime if you decide to come back”.

A friend set me up working in customer service in Barcelona. It wasn’t my ideal job, but it was a comfortable start to get me settled in the city.
I fell in love with Barcelona. It was always sunny, vibey and the lifestyle was relaxed.

I started going out more and was getting well connected. I switched my day job for work in the nightlife, and soon my whole life was a party. Drugs, alcohol, you name it.
Meanwhile, I was discovered by a modeling agency and started modeling. But I never did so well. I was usually hungover for my castings and I didn’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. However, having the status of being a model got me invited to some of the best parties with some of the most prestigious people in the world, and eventually I was getting paid good money just for showing up at these parties.

Life went on like that for a few years, and I literally thought I was killing it.
Well, I was killing one thing for sure: My health.

The summer of 2012 I went to Burning Man for the first time in my life. I fell in love with my good friend who invited me there. Soulmate connection. I was sure. He was not.

In pieces after a week of partying in the dessert and feeling the pain of rejection, I hit my first massive comedown. I didn’t leave my bed for a week, and I started questioning my entire life.

A dear friend (ex boyfriend) who was worried about my state, called me up and told me he had booked me a one way ticket to Bali. He said: “Just go Emilia, and don’t call me to book your return until you have a smile on your face again”. (What a friend)!

On my first day in Bali I met a surfer and yoga teacher, who I spent my next year in a relationship with, traveling the world.
He taught me to appreciate the simple things I life: Waking up to watch the sunrise, connecting with my body through yoga and plant based nutrition, swimming in the sea and connecting with the rhythms of nature.

I made many changes to my life and my diet, but as I was waking up from the state of numbness I had put my body in during all the years of consuming drugs and alcohol, I started to feel the pain of the damages I had done.

I had taken various rounds of antibiotics in the past years, killing off my natural gut flora, making a perfect environment for Candida to thrive. I had also been on anti conception pills for 10 years, disrupting my natural hormone balance.
Coming off the pill and changing to a clean diet, caused me to break out tremendously. For 9 months I was suffering with acne, and even the entire structure of my face changed. My intuition grew, as my breasts shrunk and I was coming back into the body I was meant to have.
All of the sudden my body could speak to me. I realized I was breaking out when I consumed things my body didn’t like. Gluten was one of them. Previously the hormones had kept these kind of reactions at check and I wouldn’t feel or notice anything. It didn’t mean it didn’t cause me any harm. I just wasn’t getting the message.

The next years became an ongoing journey of discovering my body. I staid off meat, poultry and most dairy, while I reintroduced some fish and seafood into my diet.

I was often suffering with bloating and a sensitive stomach.
Doctors had confirmed that I had Candida overgrowth in my system together with several food intolerances. I was told to stay off fruits and sugars as well as all the foods I was intolerant to, leaving me with very limited options.
I felt depressed, deprived and hopeless. But I did feel better when I followed these recommendations, so I thought that’s what I had to do.
Usually I would follow protocol until I felt so much better that I would think it would be ok to cheat a little and have something sweet. Vegan gelato and chocolate were my favorite go-to treats. The problem was that just as when I was younger, the deprivation from having no sugar to just tasting a little, would always lead me to crave more and end up binging. Now I wouldn’t binge for 3 months, but even if it was just for a few days, I would feel terribly guilty for sabotaging the success of my health progressions.

At this point my health felt a bit like a roller coaster. I knew how to keep myself at bay, but at times I would feel hopeless and think I would never fully recover, and I would just go and binge instead, which later would leave me in an ever deeper state of hopelessness.
The next day I would take on a new promise that I was gonna be good and stay off sugar, and again after a few weeks I would have a setback.

Meanwhile this was going on I was back in image modeling. I was getting paid to go to amazing events and used the money to travel the world for soul searching.

On the outside I was living the dream life. I had money, I was independent and beautiful. But the truth was, I was feeling lost, unfulfilled and my health was getting worse. I couldn’t figure out why. I was trying so hard with my diet, yet my symptoms and food intolerances would get worse and my diet more restrictive.

I hit a point that I had such bad indigestion, I barely wanted to eat anymore. I was constantly feeling fullness, nausea, and anything I ate would leave me bloated. I shifted between diarrhea and constipation. Hopeless I went from doctor to doctor, who offered me drugs to lessen my symptoms, but no cures or explanations to the root cause of what I was experiencing.
I was fatigued and anemic, losing weight. My friends and family started worrying and told me I didn’t look healthy. I was quite worried myself.

Going through this journey had me dreaming about living in a community where we would grow our own organic food on the land. It would be a place where people could come to get empowered to heal themselves. We would do yoga, surf, swim in the sea, hike in nature, have food creation workshops, do life transformational work, creativity workshops, sing in front of a fire and dance under the stars. It would be a place where people would come in touch with all the things that make them feel the most alive, and reconnect with their true life purpose.

Early in 2017 I went to Costa Rica, where I met my soul friend, coach and business partner Nadav Wilf. Our encounter inspired me to get things moving towards living my purpose. I started studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a one year program to become a health coach, allowing me to learn from some of the world’s leading health experts, meanwhile being able to improve my own health, while helping others improve theirs.
At the same time, I signed up for Nadav’s program for 6 months, which helped me clarify and put down my vision into writing.  Together we created aligned action steps for how to lead a life in the direction of my dreams.
What we didn’t know at this point was that this was going to be our shared dream.

Today I am a proud co-investor of the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica. It is a house of masters where people come to teach, learn, expand and upgrade. It is completely aligning with my vision, and it’s only becoming bigger and more magical.

Nadav and I collaborate in our coaching businesses, host retreats together and own the clothing line Blu Savage.

I have finally found balance and healing to my health conditions by living mostly raw and vegan, following protocols by Anthony William, author of “Medical Medium”. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and I rarely crave anything else.

We are all different and we all thrive from different foods, depending on our geographical location, our genes and our ancestors.

I have studied a large variety of the most popular diets out there, so that I can help my clients find a balanced way of eating, which aligns most with them.

I have realized along my journey how my cravings often are related to my emotions. If I feel anxious, or sad, or unsettled in any area of my life, I tend to crave more comforting foods. When I feel at peace and balanced I usually feel more satisfied with less.

With this realization I guide my clients through a holistic journey where we touch all areas of life, realizing the connection between nutrition, lifestyle choices and our emotional world.



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Emilia Eriksson